Smile Enhancement

“Get Ready to Make the First Impressions Right Every Time”

Banner Text: Have a Confident Smile and Shine All Around

Are you constantly missing from the group photographs? Do you fail to laugh at jokes in

front of your friends? Do you smile with your mouth closed and lips together? Is this

affecting your self-confidence?

If the answer is yes; your unsightly smile is definitely having a big impact on your

everyday life. At Dentica we are proficiently fixing up smiles and we are proud to be on

a mission to improve the smiles in Cairo. We use the latest smile enhancement

protocols, tools, techniques and procedures to make you smile confidently once again.

Unsightly smile – Causes and Effects

An unsightly smile may be caused by discoloured teeth, crowded teeth, mis-shaped teeth

and unusual tooth and gum appearance. Large and noticeable gaps in between the teeth

and large and stained fillings may also be responsible. Low self-esteem and lack of

confidence result from an unsightly smile. It may also be affecting your social and /or

professional life. Smile makeover helps you change your smile to change your life and

completely revive your overall personality.

Dentica Smile Enhancement

We promise all the benefits of smile enhancement that our patients expect. On your

Smile Consultation visit we shall discuss:

 What treatment you require? We offer treatments ranging from fast teeth

straightening (in less than 6 months) with clear or tooth coloured braces

,teeth whitening; and no prep veneers.

 What your smile will look like? Try our trial smile mock up.

 What is the scope of treatment and what would it involve? We ensure fewer

appointments and long lasting results.

 What the treatment cost would be? Our smile makeover procedures are

affordable and offered through a clear and transparent financial estimates.

Have a look at the key highlights of our professional smile improvement services:

 No injection no prep veneers

 Only the latest cutting edge techniques like clear braces, tooth coloured fast

braces, ceramic crowns, composites and porcelain fillings and teeth whitening


 Quality and expertise.

Take the first step towards a gorgeous and healthy smile today and contact us to book the

first appointment.


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