Gum Disease Treatment

Here are some important facts about Gum Disease:

 Affects nearly 90% of the adults.

 Is the primary cause of loss of teeth.

 Is closely related to Type 2 Diabetes, and Heart Disease. Is often ignored and

attended lesser than teeth problems as it is painless.

 Gum disease is silent with few symptoms, such as slight bleeding or some

sensitivity; but it is progressive and could very quickly destroy the attachment of

the teeth to the jawbone, leading to looseness and eventual tooth loss.

 It is one of the main causes of bad breath.

If gum disease is diagnosed and treated at the early stages; it could be reversed; which

would prevent tooth loss. Here at Dentica; we provide cutting edge methods of diagnosis

and scientifically proven management protocols to prevent and treat gum disease.. We are

serious about your gum health; as it forms the foundation of a healthy mouth an

contributes to general well being.

 Risk Factors: Smoking, bad oral hygiene, badly controlled diabetes and other

medical conditions, irregular attendance for cleaning and polishing and good oral

health advice.

 What to look for: Redness, swelling and bleeding gums, sensitive and slightly

loose teeth, receding gums, bad breath and unpleasant taste

 Types: Early gum disease (bleeding and swelling, and blood on the toothbrush)

and Advanced (if early gum disease is left untreated which causes attachment

destruction, teeth loosening and eventual loss) are the two common gum diseases.

We recommend that you attend regularly for examination and simple cleaning

appointments for the detection and prevention of gum disease. You could save your teeth

from eventual loss by taking action now, it may not be too late!


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