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Dentica Dental Clinic was founded by Dr Osama Adawy (add qualifications here) to create an up to

date, comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for our valued patients from and beyond.

The practice provides high quality private dental care for all age groups. General dental care and

specialised treatments are available to cater for varying needs.

At Dentica Dental Clinic we are passionate about making your visit as comfortable and as informative

as possible; so; if you are simply looking for general dental care for you and your family; or may be

looking for a caring; gentle and understanding team of professionals to help you achieve excellent

dental health; or maybe you are one of thousands of people who are very anxious when it comes to

dental treatment; you have come to the right place.

At Dentica Dental Clinic; our aim is to help many of patients attain and maintain excellent dental

health and healthy radiant smiles through our gentle and structured approach; as a team we work

together so that you could have maximum benefit.

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