Dental Anxiety Management

Banner Text: Overcome Your Fear through our gentle touch and sedation techniques

A lot of people avoid dental treatments. Unpleasant past experiences prevent them from

seeking essential dental healthcare. The results can be quite unfortunate, with devastating

effects on teeth, gums, and overall health and self-confidence.

With our gentle and empathetic approach; we promise to make your visit as pleasant and

as comfortable as possible.

Don’t Put Off Your Dental Needs!!!

Failing to take the first step will certainly compound your fears, which you may then

realise that many are unfounded. Our dental anxiety management approach starts with a

complete understanding of your fears, concerns and doubts. We would first listen to

you; without carrying out any examination, to determine your fears and concerns,

and then carry out a basic examination to determine your dental needs which would then

be presented to you. The third step is to explain how the needs could be addressed and

how treatment would be conducted in detail.

A detailed plan would be drawn up which would include all treatments and how they

would be carried out; together with expected outcomes and benefits. Only emergency

treatment is carried out at the first visit.

The aim is to give you as much information as possible to help you understand your

current dental needs and dissipate any fears and address all your concerns so that you

become more relaxed; confident and happy.

Dental Sedation:

Sedation techniques are well researched and we use the safest form of dental sedation

which aims at relaxing you without any risks to your health.

The advantages include:

  •  Fully relaxed mental and physical status.
  •  Better tolerance of treatment.
  • Control of anxious state and gag reflex
  • Fewer appointments (more could be done at every appointment)..
  • Better and long-lasting results

All your fears and anxieties are sure to disappear and you will become more confident,

happier and healthier. Call now or get in touch if you suffer from Dental Anxiety.


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